How does AmnioSense work?

AmnioSense contains a two-stage diagnostic polymer strip within a panty-liner which provides an easy-to-read alert if a pregnant woman is leaking amniotic fluid.  If the strip in the panty-liner comes into contact with moisture with a pH of more than 6.5, it will turn a blue-green colour. Amniotic fluid has a pH of 6.7 or more, while normal vaginal secretions are 3.5 to 4.5.

Crucially, the strip is also able to eliminate any false readings caused by urinary leaks and incontinence, which are common during the later stages of pregnancy. The pH of urine ranges from 4.0 to 8* , so will initially change colour. However, urine also contains ammonia and the AmnioSense strip includes reagents which react differently to ammonia. Any colour change caused by urine will fade within 10 minutes, but if the wetness is due to amniotic fluid, the blue-green colour will remain for 2 hours.

Community Midwife, Emma Herbert who trialled AmnioSense with 15 mums-to-be so far says: “AmnioSense gives women control by providing a simple, effective, trustworthy and non-invasive test which allows them to differentiate between a pregnancy niggle and a potentially serious pregnancy complication.

“For professionals, AmnioSense gives the reassurance that a leak is not caused by amniotic fluid, without the need for an intimate exam. In addition, as the panty-liner can be worn for up to 12 hours, it is very efficient at detecting small, slow leaks of amniotic fluid. And as the results are stable for at least two hours there is often time for the woman to get to her midwife or doctor and show them the results.”

AmnioSense can be used by women at any stage of their pregnancy who have unidentified vaginal wetness and to provide reassurance and an early warning for those at high risk of premature rupture of membranes.


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AmnioSense™ is new to the UK but has been sold in several countries for some time.

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