Marwan Odeh and Borstein J AL-SENSE IJCM20110300017_39572450[1]

The starting point of any research is proof of principle and this basic test  showed AmnioSense was 100% effective at identifying amniotic fluid. This was demonstrated beyond doubt by using samples of amniotic fluid taken from 50 women, between 16 and 23 weeks gestation, who were undergoing checks for foetal abnormalities. 

In all cases, AmnioSense gave a positive response to the presence of amniotic fluid: 100% accuracy. Perhaps more importantly, the results could be read for up to 12 hours,  even though the manufacturer has adopted a very conservative approach and states only that the test remains stable for at least two hours. In a real-world setting, this is important as a woman could carry out the test at home, and still have time to get to her midwife or healthcare provider and show them the result while it was reliable.

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