Mums-to-be have a lot to think about. Their body is changing, they are experiencing aches and pains and new health challenges they have never even thought about before. It is obviously a very happy yet nervous time for expectant Mums, and the more they can be in control of their health and aware of potential issues, the more confident and at ease they will feel.  Read More...

Article by Emma Herbert, Community Midwife

While being pregnant is full of joys and elations, most expectant mothers will be aware that they may suffer from aches and pains as the pregnancy develops. A challenge many expectant mothers may not be aware of is urinary incontinence and wetness. It’s not unusual. Research by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Royal College of Midwives confirms that one in three women (34%) experiences urinary incontinence during pregnancy. While this can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, there is no danger for either mother or baby.  Read more...

Article by Emma Herbert, Community Midwife

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